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W. Real Estate offers single-family homes located most neighborhoods in Amarillo. Our homes are also a part of the REAP Program, where we can allocate 20% of your monthly rent toward the purchase of a Bluehaven home.

A Lease Purchase Option is offered on most of our single-family homes. This option is for residents that want a portion of their monthly rental investment to help them toward their long-term investment.

The more you put down on your home, the better the discount!

$1200 down= $100 monthly discount
$2400 down= $200 monthly discount
$3600 down= $300 monthly discount

The best news is that at the end of your 12 month lease, when you are ready to purchase your home, we will MATCH the amount you put down to help with closing costs (note that Lease Purchase Option cannot be combined with REAP program.)

For more information on our Lease Purchase Option, call Caroline at 806-803-8180